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Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Don Omar J-Doe Reek da Villan Bus-a-Bus
Come on come on
That's how we roll
We roll like this

yall know what we do,
yall know exactly how we roll,
and every hug and every blah
no matter how police patrol
and we do it
how we do it
whether its now
or its later and we always handle business
cuz we belk it in this place
but what chu you want
chu need as we walk threw
every gutter every hood and every street
and every blah we got it covered thowin money
while we get in the club with shorties on the poles
lets get it poppin in this bitch
we get my click comin threw thats...

Yeah yeah J-Doe I rock'em
You know how we roll (roll) you know how we do it (do it)
You know we the realest when it come to doing music
Don't wanna see me prove it baby if I gotta lose it
Then it's on turn ya radio on you gon hear the newest
J-Doe spit hate on this why the hell you doing that
I done held you being loser hating on me I'm the best
I be pissing on competition if there's any give me more my flows
Or let me get me used up fork don't need a Jimmy and Newegie boys

Chorus: Don Omar
That's how we roll
We roll like this

Busta Rhymes
We roll like this let me talk to'em
Here we go here we here we go again
Pedal to the medal now we blowing in the wind
Top back nigga better stop that
If you trynna front you already know we killers to the end
Everyday we gotta go secure another win
Put that money where ya mouth will spend
Let's get it popping everybody know that
When we in the building here we go again
Couple Porsches couple Bugatti's Phantoms
Derek Lam' Lenches couple of Maybachs
True to the building S-Salama Claren benches
Rolling see the way we holding see the way we folding
Everybody see the way we hit it chosen when we hit the road and
Everthing is golden ya'll already know how we get it (through)
Peel out on they ass 160 weed on the dash
Hand on the wheel I'ma feed on the gas got everything on smash
Don know Moles kid Reek da Vill' J-Doe weee
See the way we do it see the way we cut up
Put ya money where ya mouth is or shut up
Legal shots everybody in the place let me see you put ya gun up
We gon pop ready if you ready ya'll already knoe to where we run up
When we come to take over the streets ya'll niggas know the goal
Every time we put it down the whole world knows that's how we

Chorus: Don Omar
That's how we roll
We roll like this

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Певец: (OST Форсаж 5:)
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Видеотеатр: КВН-2014. Высшая лига. финальная песня СОЮЗ Тюмень

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